Bewusstseins Orientierte Bücher

Bewusstseins Orientierte Bücher

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Light Bulb

Woman - Torch of the Future
Torkom Saraydarian

This book unveils the ancient traditions of training men and women for marriage and parenthood. Included are preparations for marriage, marriage ceremony, preparing for pregnancy, education the child, and how a woman becomes a torchbearer.

These ancient formulas for successful family building are now being actively sought once again. In an atmosphere of extreme moral and spiritual crises, we are being forced to look once again at the seemingly “old fashioned” ideas of celibacy, love, responsibility, and holding the welfare and rights of our children as primary in our life.

When this book was first printed in 1980, people wrote to Torkom and told him how ridiculous these ideas were. At that time, he said, wait until you see what happens when we no longer heed moral teachings. Many years after its first release we are seeing amazing things happen when people go back to the basics of relationships and see each other as beautiful sounds worthy of sacredness.

You will find this book challenging reading. In view of our moral crises, we need to once again heed the moral teachings of the Ancient Sages.

This book is not religious or sectarian, nor does it espouse the supremacy of men or women. Both are equal and each has a sacred duty toward each other and the family. The keys to healthy living, stopping the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, having the best marriage and family life are all based on the sane and practical teachings of the ancient Sages.

You will also find excellent guidelines on how to teach the principles of the Teaching and right living to your children and how to educate children. This part of the book is the most advanced material on children´s education and is the cutting edge of real education.

Good family life starts with choosing the right partner. Then follows the conscious preparation for conception and pregnancy. This is followed by creating right family conditions and environment for raising the family and nurturing the marriage partners to become the magnificent persons they are meant to be.

1 Foundation
2 Marriage
3 The Marriage Ceremony
4 Choosing the Baby
5 The Mother-to-Be
6 New Mother Guides
7 The Child
8 The Father
9 The Responsible Woman
10 Education and the Child
11 Religion and the Child
12 Torchbearers
13 Index

Author: Saraydarian, Torkom
Pages: 215
Weight: 353g